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Due to the rapid hardening of CIMENT FONDU®, the heat released in the first few hours after setting is sufficient to enable concreting in sub-zero conditions, down to -10°C. Concreting in freezing conditions requires specific caution, more information is given in the CIMENT FONDU® brochure.


  • Floor repairs in cold stores
  • Tunnel Freezers

Civil engineering

  • Works in winter conditions
  • Works in mountain regions

Some technical details

For more detailed information, see Product data sheets.

  • Can be produced either in drum mixer or
    by ready-mix
  • Minimum cement content : 400 kg/m3
  • Water/Cement ratio (W/C) ≤ 0.40
  • Check admixture efficiency before use
  • Vibration is recommended for placing
  • Ensure proper curing
  • Only converted strength must be utilized
    for design purpose


AS LOW AS -10°C:

To prevent the concrete from freezing before the initial set occurs:

  • Use warm or hot water
  • Protect aggregates from cold
  • After casting, protect concrete from freezing for 4 to 5 hours with insulating blanket or other appropriate means...

CIMENT FONDU® conforms to NF P 15-315 and BS 915 Part 2 Standards.
Producing concretes with exceptional performance.