CIMENT FONDU® is a hydraulic binder that conforms to EN 14647 Standards. It is manufactured from bauxite and limestone which produces calcium aluminates rather than calcium silicates, which are the basis of Portland cements.

CIMENT FONDU® based mortars & concretes have setting times similar to Portland cement (Vicat set time around 3 hours) but are ultra-rapid hardening: compressive strength after 6 hours is at least 30 MPa.

CIMENT FONDU® can be used in all types of non-structural construction, for refurbishment, repair and new works. It offers simple and effective solutions where time is short or in demanding applications where the performance of Portland cements is not adequate.

CIMENT FONDU® concrete can be produced on site in a drum concrete mixer or delivered by a ready-mix concrete producer.

The unique properties of CIMENT FONDU® are widely used for industrial uses, highway pavements and general construction:

  • Mixed with Portland cements, CIMENT FONDU® accelerates the setting time of mortars for general repairs and construction (non-structural).
  • Used as a cement, it is possible to manufacture a concrete or mortar with high early strength and exceptional drying properties, even in cold weather (down to -10°C). E.g.:
    - Road re-opening - 6 hours after concrete placing.
    - Less than 3% residual water content after 48 hours permits the early application of floor covering materials
    (resins, adhesive floor tiles, wood floors).
  • Used as cement, it is also possible to produce mortars and concretes resisting aggressive environments such as: high temperatures (up to 1200°C), or corrosion down to pH 4.

CIMENT FONDU® is characterised by its dark grey colour. We produce other cements based on calcium aluminates with similar properties, but lighter in colour: light grey for Secar® 51, or white for Secar® 71.

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